Dr. Onur Şahin, Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Sahin was born in Istanbul. He completed his BSc in Marmara University in Education Faculty as Chemistry Teacher. After his BSc. He attended Prof. Ozturk Organic Research Group and he conducted his master (2009)and PhD (2015) with Prof Ozturk in Istanbul Technical University. Dr. Sahin have had several teaching and practical chemistry experiences over ten years in Marmara University, Istanbul Technical University, and high school level associations. After his PhD, he granted TUBITAK 2219 posdtoctoral scholarship (2017-2019), and he conducted his Post-doc studies with Prof. Wallis in Nottingham Trent University in UK. Especially, his studies have focused heterocyclic synthesis, conjugated organic conductives, sulfur and boron chemistry. Now he is working with Assoc Dr Guzel Research Group as Postdocdoral researcher.


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