• Novel Ghrelin Antagonists for treatment of Obesity.
  • Novel Sigma-1 Receptor Agonists for treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases.
  • Novel A2A Adenosine Receptor Antagonists for the Treatment of Parkinson’s disease and SAR of the new Preladenant analogs.
  • Discovery of novel Excitatory Amino Acid Transporter-2 (EAAT2) modulators for the treatment of ALS and other neurodegenerative disorders.
  • Regulation of cancer cell metabolism: Targeting cancer metabolism as an alternative therapeutic treatment. (From natural products chemistry to drug discovery).
  • Novel therapeutic agents for treatment of diabetes (T2DM).
  • Process development of novel therapeutic agents; cost effective and green chemistry applications for drug discovery.
  • Fluorinated novel VEGF inhibitors for cancer treatment.