GRG Research Interests


  • In our lab we mainly focus on drug discovery and development of various therapeutic targets such as Neurodegenerative Disorders (ALS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease etc.), and Inflammatory Disorders (COPD, RA), GPCRs for the treatment of Diabetic Disorders (NIDDM), Cancer, Cardiovascular Disorders, Obesity, and other Metabolic Disorders.


  • We are also very interested in research and development with an emphasis in design and synthesis of both symmetric and asymmetric organic drug-like molecules leading to new drug substances and natural products as well as the discovery of drugs to treat unmet medical needs in the world.


  • Moreover we are investigating to deeply understand the catalytic asymmetric induction reactions and their mechanisms towards the development of new enantioselective catalysts and their applications in the synthesis of biologically active agents.